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Dr. Dennis Becker

As a communication expert, Dr. Dennis Becker has appeared before hundreds of clubs and organizations, from local community groups to national associations. He's been featured on radio and television as a guest expert and motivational speaker.

He has served as President of The New England Speech Association and Chair of The Training & Development Division of The National Communication Association. One of Dr. Becker's most significant accomplishments is founding America's oldest speech coaching and communication firm, The Speech Improvement Company, which has served more than a million clients worldwide. He is also the co-author, with Robin Golinski, of Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time. This is Dr. Becker's ninth book related to communication. He is a Father of four and Grandfather of eight.


Robin Golinski

Robin is a successful Executive Communication Coach with The Speech Improvement Company. She has over 20 years of experience developing and leading communication training/coaching programs for clients worldwide. 

In addition to chairing the Training and Development Division of the National Communication Association, she co-authored a chapter in the nation's first bookThe Handbook of Communication Training. Robin performs as a storyteller, stand-up comedian, and emcee whenever possible. She founded the Boston Comedy Chicks, an organization devoted to developing and showcasing female comedic talent. 

In addition, Robin is the USA producer for the London-based group Funny Women.

As creator and co-author of Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time, Robin combines her communication expertise and passion for helping people. She is the Mother of two girls and Grandmother of two girls.

"You are certainly doing that [helping people].  I feel that I am giving off a stronger more self-assured vibe that before I took your class'"- Cecelia B.

"I recommend this book 100% as the perfect guide and also to be used as a daily workbook."

- Julie M.

"Very quick, informative read.  The addition of video is extremely illustrative."

- Paul K.

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